Almost time for takeoff

This time next week I will be enveloped in international student orientation at the University of Brighton. But right now my mind is so wrapped up in thoughts of packing, visas, getting from the airport to my flat etc. that being settled in at school in the UK seems like light years away.

I leave Thursday morning at 10 am from the MSP airport with a 4 hour layover in North Carolina. I’ve traveled to the UK once the summer after my freshman year of college with family but I’m still very nervous for navigating the airports and going through immigration and such all by myself. I am currently trying to figure out the details of my arrival since my plans to stay with a friend for a few nights before I move into my flat fell through. It’s a little nerve-racking since I won’t be meeting anyone from my program until I have been there for a few days. It will definitely be an interesting experience from the start.

This being my first official blog post I suppose I should write a little about myself and my plans for my study abroad:

  • I am a social work student at the University of North Dakota and am also pursuing a minor in Nonprofit Leadership and Women’s Studies. I can not register for my courses in Brighton until I arrive but I plan to take classes that will count for credit in my Women’s Studies minor or take courses relating to Social Work. I think learning a different perspective from a different country on either topic will be very interesting and useful in my future career.
  • I grew up in Cambridge, MN but have called St. Paul, MN my hometown for the past 7 years. From what I can tell Brighton is around the same size as St. Paul and I am excited to experience the English college student lifestyle in a metropolitan area of this size. I have been told that Brighton is a “Quintessential college town”!
  • Another important aspect to my trip is that I have quite a few friends on the other side of the pond that I will hopefully get to visit! I have worked at a summer camp for the past two summers (Camp L. and UCG SHOUT OUT!) and worked with loads of co-staff from the UK and a few other places in Europe. I plan to visit a lot of my friends so I can see what different parts of the UK are like and become even more submersed in the culture of the country. Plus after spending so much time with my British friends I already have a list of things I must do while i’m over there which includes shopping at Primark (a super inexpensive clothing store I have heard amazing things about), attending a Carnage event (A sort of pub crawl that from my friends experiences is a recipe for potential disaster..), filling my computer play lists with music from British hip-hop groups like Ndubz, and so much more!

Well I better get back to packing. I leave in approximately 42 hours! Wish me luck! Let’s hope the next time I write I’ll be sitting in my living room in Brighton being distracted by flatmates and making plans to head to the Brighton Pavilion.

Peace. Love. Nerves and Packing.


About sabrinainbrighton

Hey all! I am just a few short weeks away from a red eye to Heathrow International Airport from which I will embark on a 3 month adventure in Brighton, England and hopefully other European cities. I have no idea what to expect but I have heard the city of Brighton is nothing short of amazing! I am also very fortunate to have friends living throughout England and Wales and hope to explore many of their hometowns and experience typical British life. I am most excited for English breakfast, the Brighton Pier, traveling Europe, and studying in a quintessential college town.
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